Wait a minute, this isn’t South America…

Cheers from London!

You’re probably a little confused. It’s okay! Totally understandable. All your questions will be answered right now:

  1. Are you really in London?
    Yes, I am!

  2. That’s cool I guess. But why are you adding stuff to this blog? I mean, isn’t this for your travels around South America? Even the name of your blog is in Spanish…
    This blog started out as a way for me to share my experiences in South America, but as I intend to do a whole lotta travelling I plan to write about all my travel adventures here as it seems a little silly to create a new blog for every continent. The title of my blog will always be a happy reminder of why I started to write in the first place. I think it’s extremely important to be reminded of why and how you began doing something you love.

  3. Okay, I get it. But wait, what are you doing in London anyway?
    I thought you’d never ask! I’m a few days shy of my 1 year new-job-anniversary, and as I haven’t had a chance to take a vacation since graduating college (kids: stay in school, the perks of being a student are great, especially all that vacay time) I figured it’d be a good time to check out some cool new places.

  4. These question things are a little silly…can you just blog like you normally do?
    Why yes, yes I can!

My brother and I are spending the next three weeks traveling around the United Kingdom (that’s England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland)! Picking these destinations in particular was a combination of listening to my brain and listening to my gut.

My family has always talked about seeing Europe, so I knew this would be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door. That helped narrow down the list of potential countries to visit, but there were still too many to choose from. Then I thought about what I wanted from this trip. Did I just want a few more notches in my travel belt? Or did I want to get to know a handful of places well? If you kept up with my South American adventures you probably already know the answer: more time in fewer cities! Ideally of course I’d want both, but while three weeks may sound like a long time, it’s not. After I figured that out, the rest was a leap of faith. My brother and I have always had a soft spot for British literature, humour (see what I did there?), and a hot plate of fish & chips, so it seemed natural to come explore this side of the continent.

And here we are!

I was planning on writing a bit more, I wanted to tell you guys about our first couple of days here, but as it’s already passed midnight and we’re waking up early to do some tourist-y things, I’ll leave it for tomorrow. Sorry for the tease!

Cheerio for now! :D

NB: I don’t have a laptop with me so will be unable to upload pictures from my DSLR until after I’m home. This means that the posts will be text-heavy, but I promise to keep them short and sweet :)

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