I moved!

¡Hola todos!

I’m writing this (short) post from my new apartment! My friend and I moved in a few days ago and are planning to chill here until the end of our stay. Leaving my host family was a really tough thing to do–we had gotten close over the past two months–but since classes and my internship (more about this soon!) began taking up more of my time I had to think about moving to a more convenient location (public transportation may seem affordable at first, but it adds up quickly).

So now I’m living in downtown Santiago and it’s been great! The supermarket is around the corner and the National Library is about a 15-minute walk up the street. I’m also close to two different metro lines and have friends living on the same block. Another great perk is that I have a kitchen! Oh how I’ve missed cooking!! I’m hoping to become proficient (or at least passable…) in Chilean cuisine, so I’ll share stuff I try :)

Here’s a look at our dining room/kitchen and living room:


More later ’cause I’m about to head to bed (daylight savings time started today so I’m trying to adjust to the time change lol). ¡Chao!

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