¡Buen viaje!

Tomorrow afternoon will be Day 1 of my 9-day trip to norte grande, or the “Far North of Chile”. This area runs from the top of the Chile-Perú border all the way south to the Copiapó River located in the Atacama region.


The group I’m traveling with consists of 7 people total, and we’re planning on visiting the following cities: San Pedro de Atacama, Iquique, Arica, and Putre. I’m really looking forward to trying some new things (e.g. sandboarding!) and taking lots (tons and tons) of pictures of the natural beauty.

Oh, before I forget, I signed up for classes today! I only need to take three–two literature classes and one history class–but I’ve signed up for a couple more in case I find one more interesting than another. My focus is on the modern and contemporary literature/history of Chile. It works out great since I need to take post-1700 literature courses and my honors thesis is on the Chilean dictatorship (modern history) via the literature relating to the time (modern/contemporary). Pieces are starting to fit together… :)

New posts will be infrequent since I’ll be constantly on the move, but I shall have fun stuff for you after I come back! Hope everyone is well :D

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