Packing 1.1

So I pretty much left all my packing for the last 10 hours before my flight. Typical. But it’s just that I always think I have so much time until I have to go, you know? Which is why I never get anything done until right before. And I never learn. Yay.

But anyways, everything is kinda coming together now. I’ve got my carry-on all packed (jeez I love North Face backpacks. Shout out to Anira for getting me one!), and now I’m just cramming things into my check-in bags hoping I don’t go over the weight limit. Packing for six months sucks.

As I’ve mentioned to a few people over the past week, leaving California hasn’t really sunk in yet. I know that I’m leaving, but I haven’t really processed it (at least not completely). I don’t meant to shrug it off or anything, but right now it doesn’t feel “real”. And maybe it won’t until I get to the airport or sit on the plane or reach Santiago. I feel like I’m in a state of limbo–I’m neither entirely here nor there–or I’m Schrödinger’s cat–I’m both here and there simultaneously. I need some sleep.

I already packed my camera, so no pictures for this post (sorry!), but I want to thank everyone who gave me a little something to take with me (hot sauce, candy, pictures, reading material, etc)! All of these things are going to come in super-handy when homesickness hits (which I hope won’t last too long–no offense!)

I think I’m all set to go! Huzzah!


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